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Rye TaylorAdventurous Living with Rye Taylor

Rye Taylor is a story architect and podcast launch strategist for many of today’s New York Times bestselling authors, influencers, and businesses. He’s the host of Daring & Rye podcast and writer for Huffington Post, among many other publications.

You may learn more about Rye through his websites,, and

Discovering podcasting

Rye started his podcast on a whim. Podcasting sounds like a lot of fun to him and so he decided to try it. Rye helps podcasters with their storytelling – crafting their story and making unforgettable audio stories happen. According to Rye, it takes a lot of strategy, planning, movement, and motivation to get it done right.

We also talk about ‘not too honest’ storytelling where people only want to share the things that make them look good. Rye shared that people want to know about the flaws, failures, and challenges of successful people.

Starting in ministry

Rye got started in ministry, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries and a master’s degree in Divinity. After a few years of focusing on being a pastor and in ministry, he realized that it wasn’t a good fit for him. It was a very scary time for Rye because he didn’t know what to do next. Rye shared what the catalyst was for him and the new things he tried.

Rye also shared how he defines success, how he grew up in Zimbabwe, and living an adventurous life. He shares his adventures through his podcast, some of which include wrestling alligators in the Colorado Rockies, riding a snowmobile, driving a tank over a car, and many more.

We also talk about what drives Rye and how he and his family get to do all their travels and adventures.

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