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Tony Brown

The Art of Letting Go With Tony Brown

Tony Brown is a business systems strategist, coach, author, and speaker. His goal is to help business owners and entrepreneurs to systemise their workflows, reduce their workload, and increase their productivity and profitability. He also blogs and podcasts at Tony is also one of our speakers at the New Media Europe Conference.

You may connect with Tony on Snapchat: TonyBrown3VS.

Working on the business, not in the business

Tony shared that one of the first things he recommends to his clients is to hire a VA. He talked about how he started delegating his tasks by hiring a VA to schedule his social media posts and then slowly turning over more tasks. There are many platforms that allow you to have security in place. When entrepreneurs free themselves up, it allows them to see what’s important and to work ON the business, not IN the business.

To help his clients grow their business, Tony asks them to step back and identify systems, processes, and procedures that can be put in place to allow others to deliver their products and services.

Taking care of yourself also play a huge part in being an entrepreneur – in being effective and productive. Entrepreneurs can fall into the trap of filling all their hours with work and neglect themselves. Tony thinks that having work-life balance is possible if you start with your why and it can be different for everyone.

Defining success

Success for Tony is his family. It is a real blessing for him to be responsible for his children. Success is being able to provide for his family without having to hold down a 9-to-5. Tony hopes to find himself totally financially independent in ten years (or less!) with the freedom and flexibility to come and go as he pleases.

We also talked about what to expect in his session at the New Media Europe Conference. Tony will be drilling down on the basics of how to systemise your business.

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