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Katrina Burrus
Coaching Leaders to Success with Katrina Burrus

Katrina Burrus specialises in coaching international and highly mobile leaders. She has a proven track record in working with numerous international companies including Nestle, Novartis, United Bank of Switzerland, United Nations, and the World Trade Organisation. She is also a regular user of new media tools in creating podcasts, videos, blogs, and more.

You may connect with Katrina through her website

Moving from old fashioned ways of doing things

As an executive coach, Katrina helps leaders and managers to reach their full potential, to achieve their goals, to overcome their challenges, and to leverage their strengths. Katrina has been in the business for 20 years. Although she admits that she is not the generation of social media, she is a constant learner and she is fascinated with social media and how it communicates with people.

Katrina initially started as a wholesaler in the garment industry and she also did finance in Switzerland for the Swiss private banks. She transitioned into being an entrepreneur starting her own businesses when she lost her zest for the work that she’s doing.

Struggling with work-life balance

Katrina considers herself a very passionate person especially when it comes to her work and endeavors. She thinks being very passionate can make you overdo things and you never seem to have enough time. She has had to make compromises between her personal life and professional life to try to maintain balance. She also tries to find moderation in doing too much work by exercising, eating healthily, and doing zumba and hip-hop.

We also talk about taking time off to ‘incubate’ and procrastination as a way of coming up with more ideas. Katrina added that she loves eating but she does not overeat. She also shared the many things that she still wants to do such as working in different culture and places and improving her TV show.

Katrina is also one of our speakers at New Media Europe and she gave a quick preview of what to expect from her session.

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