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Minesh Bhindi
Cultivating Purpose With Minesh Bhindi

Minesh Bhindi is a wealth manager at Gold and Silver For Life where his mission is to help busy professionals, small business owners, and private investors to transform their investment results for reliable, consistent, and easy profits. He also runs a personal blog, Introspections From The Journey.

You may connect with Minesh through Facebook or Snapchat: MineshBhindi.

The goal to build

Minesh started his blog to document his journey and the key lessons he is learning. He hopes to pass on his knowledge and learning, especially to his children, through his blog.

Minesh is no longer tied to an office – he just wants to do what he wants to do and build what he wants to build from anywhere. It takes focus to build something serious. Minesh’s  goal to build something that will outlast his children is inspired by John D. Rockefeller who said, “I had no ambition to make a fortune. Money-making has never been my goal. I had an ambition to build.”

The search for a purpose

Everyone’s looking for a purpose, direction, and meaning before they actually do something. They think that doing something is worthless unless there’s a goal at the end of it. Minesh recommends Robert Greene’s Mastery and Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself to learn what it takes in order to cultivate success. No one owes you anything – and that includes direction. If you’re sitting around waiting for direction while you meditate, it’s not going to happen. You cultivate purpose, you don’t just get it.

Minesh’s textbook of life is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. We also talked about Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction and how it influenced him. Minesh also shared his thoughts on spirituality and his religion of believing in the universe.

We also talked about my favourite books Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan and poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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