Durin Gleaves from Adobe AuditionDurin Gleaves the guy behind audio editing greatness from Adobe including Adobe Audition!

We’re really excited to add Adobe’s Durin Gleaves to the inspirational speaker lineup for New Media Europe in London this June.

As new media creators it doesn’t matter what content we’re working on – be it audio, video, visual or all three. Adobe has everything you need to immerse yourself in creativity! Durin will give a talk on day one of the two day conference.

What’s so “new” about New Media?

Media creation has changed since the first Super 8mm camera and cassette recorders were released. Durin will look at how video and audio creation has changed over just the last few years, and the trends that are happening right now. How will the creators of tomorrow work and collaborate?

It’s sure to be a session not to be missed and will fit in perfectly with the inspirational theme of day one ahead of the practical, workshop theme of day two. #NMEU is the conference for entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, content creators (including podcasters, bloggers, vloggers) and startups in all stages of growth. From beginners to fully operational businesses – you will find tools and techniques that will grow your venture!

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Durin Gleaves is the Seattle-based Product Manager for Audio at Adobe Systems. Since his first audio experience hot-wiring a CB radio to his parents car battery, he’s spent time in radio stations, recording studios, television production sets, and films of questionable budgets. When he’s not juggling feature requests from radio journalists, podcasters, broadcasters, and forensic scientists, he can be found building fortresses with his kid in Minecraft, and questioning why he owns a hyperactive dog when he’s quite clearly a cat person.


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