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Pete Matthew
Financial Planning with Pete Matthew

Pete Matthew is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner, and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management. He also runs his own business for, a website that conveys Pete’s belief that financial planning is really simple and for a lot of people.

You may reach out to Pete through his website or you may also connect with him on Snapchat and Twitter – @petematthew.

Helping people with their finances

Pete, together with his company Jacksons Wealth Management, help their clients organise their finances to achieve their goals. Back in 2009, Pete felt that he wanted to help more people – more than the 1-to-1 financial planning help he’s providing through the company. This led him to develop Meaningful Money which started as just a blog with videos. He eventually also started podcasting in late 2012. While Meaningful Money is something that Pete enjoys doing, it has also led to a lot of new business for Jacksons Wealth.

He also shared the difficulties in his industry, particularly when it comes compliance and regulation and how they apply to him and his podcast. He also talked about his hopes for using new media on Meaningful Money and his success in the form of people thanking him for the information that he shares and how it helps them.

Achieving work-life balance

We also talked about where Pete sees himself 10 years from now. Pete shared how he’s started outsourcing some tasks to save time and to scale up. According to Pete, work-life balance is a changing concept and that nowadays, work can become life especially since we are no longer bound by offices and desks. For Pete, work-life balance is becoming a false dichotomy – if you love what you do, everyday is playtime.

We also talked about how new media and internet opened up ways for a lot of people to be successful at what they’re good at or at least to make a very good living. Pete also talked about pegging success at more than just celebrity and money. He also shared his biggest influencers in the online world.

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