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Kevin Field

Finding Your Sounding Board with Kevin Field

Kevin Field is a multi-award winning media specialist and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and host of Radio Skills for Podcasters, a podcast and blog focused on the craft of creating powerful audio content that gets results. Kevin has extensive experience in radio. His passion has moved him to podcasting and the goal of his podcast is to share tips and secrets from the radio industry to help others build their own podcasts.

You may connect with Kevin on Twitter – @radio_skills or send him a message via [email protected]

Shifting from radio to podcasting

Kevin got involved with new media around 10 or 11 years ago when he started some of his businesses. He got interested in podcasting when he attended our event two years ago.  The difficulty Kevin encountered was finding his niche. He learned a lot from people like Cliff Ravenscraft, Colin Gray, and Daniel J. Lewis on podcasting and how to get online. He found his niche in using the theory and skills of radio and putting them into action in a podcast.

Podcasting has changed Kevin’s life so much – not just as a podcaster, but also from all the podcasts he has listened to. Kevin believes that every time a podcaster open up a microphone, that person has the ability to change someone’s direction.

Sharing ideas

Kevin talked about how he deals with his many ideas and who he shares them with. We talked about sharing ideas with the right people, having a sounding board for your ideas, and dealing with mistakes, failures, and rejections. According to Kevin, you just brush yourself off, learn from it, and get up. People learn more from when things have gotten wrong than from when they’ve been successful. If you’re really passionate about it, you know that you have a real feeling, an inkling that it works, then you should push on with it.

Kevin will be speaking at the New Media Europe Conference this June. He will talk about how to build your audience and keep them coming back for more. If you want to learn how to listen to your audience to make your podcast powerful, catch his session at the conference.

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  1. Kevin Field says: 31 May, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    Thanks Izabela, it was great coming on for a chat – and looking forward to speaking at new Media Europe this year – Kevin