Today is day 32 of 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. For the last couple of days my Snapchat has been absolutely on fire.

This is thanks to my friend, Cliff Ravenscraft who recommended an excellent app. If you haven’t added, Cliff, already get ready to screen shot the next Snap for Cliff’s Snapcode.

Get More Snapchat Adds with GhostCodes

It’s available for iOS only at the moment and it’s called GhostCodes. Download GhostCodes from the app store and load it up.

If you want to grow your reach on Snapchat or you just simply want some more interesting people to add on Snapchat this is the app for you.

GhostCodes Invite Code

Now, it does seem to be invite only at the moment but thanks to Cliff if you type in BOO, that’s BOO, that should get you in. Once you’re in the app you can set up your own profile with your own Snapcode and people can start downloading and adding you and hearting you in the app. You also add your other social networks and interests. Interests are great because you can find like minded people who are into the same things as you and app them on Snapchat. It also comes with a search facility so you can search for people that you really like and when you’ve found them you can give them a heart.

Find People on GhostCodes

Now, I’ve got no idea why but when you want to search for me don’t search for Mike, you need to search for my user name, imikerussell.

Now if you go ahead and click the folder icon you can search for people on Snapchat by category and start adding them by clicking the download button.

Add More People on Snapchat

The idea is you can download a bunch of Snapcodes to your camera roll, head into the Snapchat app and then add those people by Snapcode. To recap, the name of the app is GhostCodes. For those people who are already enjoying on Snapchat you can give them a heart and, remember, the invite code is BOO. I’ll see you on GhostCodes.


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