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Tracey Burnett
Holistic Lifestyle with Tracey Burnett

Tracey Burnett is a business and marketing mentor for women entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of Leads to Success, a digital marketing agency providing social media advertising, videos, online marketing campaigns, and website design. Her life and passion is food and health which led her to study and become certified as a holistic health coach.

You may connect with Tracey by booking a Silver Bullet Strategy Session with her or by visiting her website – Leads To Success. You may also follow her on Twitter – @TraceyBurnett.

Setting a routine

Tracey has successfully set a morning routine for herself – exercise, drink green juice, study Spanish, meditate, and do chores. This morning routine is a fixture in her daily life and Tracey thinks that it’s important to have these for her to feel great and not have anything on her mind so she can get her to calls, planning, marketing, and other tasks related to her business.

Tracey shared her take on health and how important she thinks it is to put attention on good health. She talked about also the health choices she and her family has made and the overall holistic approach she has chosen.

Understanding herself more

Meditation is a very important part of Tracey’s life. She uses it to get in touch with the universe and her inner being. She thinks it’s important to understand what’s going on in her life to be able to start on a path to self development. Tracey thinks that her business of mentoring other people involves not just the marketing side of the business but also approaching the personal side of it holistically.

Tracey also shared specific services she offers as part of her mentoring and digital marketing business. We also talked about various plans that Tracey still has for her business and ventures.

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