Here I am day 17, 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. It is the Easter weekend and I had a bit of a family time and today is the Saturday, I’m up in London again with Izabela.

Hello, it’s me again.

Reconnecting With Your Partner

As we head into the depths of Soho in London it may be a thing that actually sometimes all you need is a bit of connection time. I’m spending some time with my wife today.

So what you may ask how spending the day with your wife got to do with a new media tool and promoting New Media Europe?

A lot.

Exactly, we all know who the mastermind is of New Media Europe.

You mean … here.

Planning for the Future

So actually we’d thought we would roam the streets of Soho in London and just sit down, gaze into each others eyes and come up with ideas for 2017. So hang on, 2016 isn’t even done yet. We haven’t even done that and we are working on 2017 today?

Yep, that’s correct. The future is already …

When we are working we work separately so much on our own little projects we actually loose track of the fact that we work better together when we are masterminding ideas as a team.

We are already really excited about New Media Europe 2016 but sometimes it’s about getting off Twitter, off Facebook ads, off social media and just talking face to face.

Sometimes it’s about getting distracted. Izabela has just taken us into a lovely tea shop.

Spend Time Together Without Screens

If you have a business partner never underestimate the time that you spend with them without the technology, putting everything down and just enjoying their presence and brainstorming.

Off screen time often gives you the chance to see things clearly and reconnect with your business partner so that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. We are going to have a long, long lunch.

… in London, really looking forward to it.


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