Today is day ten of one hundred new media tools to promote New Media Europe. I need something quick and easy for breakfast this morning, a Soya Sausage sandwich will do.

Podcasters to Add on Snapchat

Get ready in the next couple of snaps before I get into my tool today ten, I’m going to share two Snapcodes of two awesome people on SnapChat that you should add. Number one, get ready to screen shot, Pat Flynn an awesome webinar for broadcasters recently. Give me a great idea for today. Number two, you might have seen me do that silly reverse thing with the water coming off my head yesterday. Neil Humphrey the brand gladiator, his story inspired me to do that.

Email Podcast Guests

Enjoy. Here’s the idea for day ten, outreach to potential guests that can come on the New Media Europe Show. Now as you well know, I’ve been reaching out to Facebook group admins, also Pat Flynn gave me the idea of linking group admins plus my idea is to find relevant organisers of local meet up groups based in London and the whole of the U.K.

How will we be doing our outreach today? Traditional Email. Breakfast is ready. Now my team and I are going to get stuck into the Email inbox and start to invite relevant people to come on the New Media Europe Show.

How to Find Guests for Your Podcast

Remember it is so straight forward to implement this strategy for yourself. Three recap steps. One, find Facebook group admins relevant to your niche. Two, find relevant linked in admins. Three, go to and find hosts of relevant meet ups that are happening in your area.

New Media Europe Show

By the way, if you want to check out the podcast for yourself, you can check it out.


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