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Paul Jarvis

Life of Gratitude and No Regrets With Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis has been a freelancer for nearly 20 years – making things for people who make things. He is the host of the weekly podcast Freelancer and writer of a weekly newsletter called The Sunday Dispatches. This newsletter is about working for yourself, making money from your creativity, and leading a no-BS life.

You may learn more about Paul and contact him through his website or follow him on Twitter – @pjrvs.

Working as a freelancer

Paul has been working as a freelancer for twenty years and he started by accident. He has earned quite a following through his newsletter which he initially started to inform his clients know of his availability. It has evolved over the years to include articles that he writes on a variety of topics.

Aside from his newsletter, Paul also sells WordPress themes for creatives and freelancers and teaches a few courses such as the business of freelancing, personal branding, and how to use MailChimp to make money. Together with a few people, Paul is also currently building a SaaS app that helps online course creators and students take and make notes.

Coaching other freelancers

The past few years, Paul’s work has slowly transitioned towards helping others to become freelancers – very much like a coach, adviser, or consultant for freelancers. Lately, he’s stopped doing client work and moved from being a service-based person to a product-based person.

Paul used to think that he cannot be a writer, but he got over the negative self-talk and just did it. His first book is a vegan cookbook, Eat Awesome. Paul puts his personality into his products, making them authentically and honestly his.

I asked Paul to share some advice for those who would like to move from their 9 to 5 jobs to being a freelancer. He also talked about any regrets he may have in his 20-year journey. Having goals and planning the future is not something that Paul likes. According to him, creativity needs space to flourish.

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