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Marta Krasnodebska NMEU

Life of an accomplished mum – Marta Krasnodebska

Who is Marta Krasnodebska?

Marta is a successful Social Media Branding and Business Growth Strategist. She works with passionate entrepreneurs and engineering companies. Majority of the work she does focuses on strategies, tools and growth hacking tactics so they can work less, get more clients and explode their profits.

You can connect with Marta via Twitter or her website.

In this episode we chat about the freedom that entrepreneurship can buy you. The fact that you can work from anywhere and it doesn’t impact you or your clients.

We discuss work-life balance. When you are an entrepreneur you love your work so there is no need for balance as such – you don’t need to balance what doesn’t need balancing!

Children are our hope for a better future. As an entrepreneur it is our biggest privilege to be around our kids – yet so many of us choose to submit to status quo and treat the “life” aspect of things the same way everyone else does = the big S world – SCHOOL.

Being mum does not have to mean that you don’t accomplish yourself. We chat about how dads don’t share the same issues and how mums tend to put on themselves more pressure (most probably unnecessarily!).

Marta is a highly driven individual and it is lovely to hear how she blends work and life aspects together.

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