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Mike RussellMike Russell on life of an entrepreneur and pursuing a work-life balance

This is episode zero of New Media Europe Show. I am inviting my partner in many crimes – Mike Russell to be my guinea pig and do the first run of the brand new season of the show.

Who Is Mike Russell?

Mike is a co-founder of New Media Europe – annual conference for entrepreneurs. He is also a director of Music Radio Creative – an innovative online platform for ordering and creation of custom audio branding. Mike has been involved with radio industry since he was 13 years old. His career has taken him through being a radio personality, radio producer, voice over artist, podcaster all the way through to being an incredible growth hacker for both of his businesses. 

You can connect with Mike via Twitter and LinkedIn.

A Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

We talk about the dark side of being entrepreneur and the importance of socialising – which may not be as easy as it seems for somebody who runs an online business. There are no Fridays, no holidays and you work 9-9. The flip side? You absolutely LOVE it and do not regret it one bit!

Does Work Life Balance Exist?

It does and it doesn’t according to Mike. There is no one static point at which we land. We are on a constant journey to reaching it – it’s more important how you are trying to get there instead of being there.

Mike’s Top Tips and Recommendations

Mike suggested this book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Mike’s top tip: Live the life of no regrets.

I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback – good and bad. Twitter is the best place for it @izabelarussell.


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