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Patrick Powers
Making Connections with Patrick Powers

Patrick Powers is one of Europe’s top experts on entrepreneurship, small business marketing, persuasion, and influence. He is also a founder of Entrepreneurs In London, Europe’s biggest meetup group on a platform call and also the third biggest group in the world with over 17000 members.

You may connect with Patrick by visiting his website or joining his meetup group. You can also find him on Facebook. Patrick has generously offered a freebie for our listeners – listen to find out how you can get it!

Helping entrepreneurs

The mission of Patrick’s group is to connect entrepreneurs  and give them the crucial know-how they need to go out and succeed. Some of their activities include social events, speaker events, and other networking events. He also helps businesses set up marketing and sales funnels, generate leads, and become authorities in their fields.

Patrick started his Entrepreneurs in London group when he came back from the UK after selling off his business and living in the Dominican Republic. He wanted to keep his business connections and he thought of just bringing everyone once a month to provide more value for everyone and to save money and time.

Having everything to having nothing

Patrick shared his experience of having a very successful business and then losing everything. According to Patrick, it’s much better to not have a lot all your life. He has chosen not to dwell on regrets and to just keep going. He has moved on and started a new business and is currently planning to move to other locations.

We also talked about how there is no exact formula for success and how it is different for everyone. Patrick also shared his beliefs and thoughts on spirituality. Patrick also shared his own definition of success after going through his experiences and where he sees himself in several years. He also discussed the importance of making connections especially for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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