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Jo Milmine

Military Operation With Jo Milmine

Jo Milmine is an award-winning knitting podcaster, consultant, and creative business owner. Jo works with business owners on strategy, marketing and systems, helping them to beat overwhelm and grow their business with confidence.

Jo is the podcaster behind Shinybees and one of the owners of the The Golden Skein, an online business providing exclusive, custom dyed yarns from independent dyers from across the globe. You may connect with Jo via Twitter or through her website.

From the military to knitting

Jo joined the military straight from university as an aerospace battle manager. She met her husband, go married, and had a baby. It was during this time when Jo started listening to podcasts and knitting. The knitting turned into blogging as a way of communicating with people. Her podcast developed from there and the business side spiraled and snowballed.

Her strategy for managing her business and her podcast is to have a standard procedure in place, much like a military operation. It’s about finding a system that works, repeating that every time, and not deviating too far. Jo starts on a project thinking about how she can delegate and use her team members to help.

Podcasting to boost her business

Shinybees, Jo’s knitting podcast, was awarded the UK Podcasters Award for Most Engaged Audience last 2015. Her podcast has done well to boost her businesses. Delegation allows Jo to manage everything – her podcast, her businesses, and her family life. We also talk about what gives Jo the kick in the morning and where she sees herself in five or ten years from now.

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