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Paula Cordeiro

Moved by Passion with Paula Cordeiro

Paula Cordeiro is a digital media advisor for several broadcasters, music and media companies. She is also an author and delivers conferences about the constantly changing online world. She is currently an acting ombudsperson for public radio in Portugal. She is lecturing about digital media and developing the future of media on a digital hub called URBANISTA.

You may find out more about Paula at About.Me or you may connect with her through Twitter.

Matching old media with new media

Paula’s experience in radio and digital media has allowed her to merge both. She can’t live without old media or new media. She helps old media get on new media such as radio on digital platforms and the writing for newspapers developed on digital platforms. Paula thinks that for as long as the ‘old media’ generation is here, we will still have both of them. According to her, the next step is not to have a website but to create content for specific social sites.

Podcasting as a passion project

Paula is currently working on two different podcasts. One is in English and talks about human relations and love. The other one is in Portuguese and talks women issues and topics. Paula believes in working on passion projects  because she thinks that we have to be moved by passion, not by what has to be done. She shared her experience of having a high profile administrative position that didn’t make her feel  happy and grateful. Her desire to do what she wants and to be herself led to URBANISTA. For her, passion and love should be the basis of everything you have to do in life and everything you have to do on social media. If it doesn’t come from passion, if it doesn’t come from love, if it doesn’t knock you out, it doesn’t work.

Success for Paula at the moment is when her podcasts and URBANISTA project can be used as examples of engaging people into audio and of successful podcasts. Paula will be speaking at the New Media Europe Conference and her session will be all about passion and love.

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