"The opposite of networking is not working!"

“The opposite of networking is not working!”

We put a huge emphasis on networking during, before and after the event.


Our past and future attendees get invited to an exclusive closed Facebook Group. This is a buzzing hub where our attendees continue collaboration, bounce ideas off one another and share their successes.

Lee Ball“This group is a perfect accompaniment to the New Media Europe conference. To go to an event not knowing anyone and to come with with people who I would consider friends is amazing. This group has helped me stay in touch with those people I didn’t get chance to chat to in person and keep the energy flowing.” – Lee Ball

Marc BergeretCe groupe a été la parfaite continuation à la conférence et il m’a aidé à rester dans l’esprit dynamique et motivant que j’ai trouvé lors de l’événement et cela m’a permis d’accomplir bien plus depuis lors que durant toute ma vie avant NMEU. Rejoindre cette communauté est un des meilleurs investissements que j’aie pu faire dans ma vie.- Marc Bergeret

Craig WealandI’ve found the NMEU Facebook group extremely useful for connecting with people and getting to know them a bit pre-conference, and for keeping in touch after the fact. I’m always curious to know what folks are up to and to hear about their wins. – Craig Wealand

Rob LawrenceThe New Media Europe Facebook Group has been the perfect forum in which to share new ideas, inspiration and the ongoing collaborative digital journey with those new friends met at New Media Europe. It’s be invaluable for me to keep up-to-date with everyones progress, to share new ideas, find out about new tools and other news specifically relating to and following this unique event. – Rob Lawrence

Kevin FieldThe NMEU group has been hugely helpful and influential in my development for Radio Skills for Podcasters. I joined a ‘walled garden’ group last year, yet this has had more value and provided greater insight than that ever did. There is something about keeping it simple and using existing platforms that most people are using that makes it work. Yes, there is a danger of using someone else’s platform as a home for this, but it works! It has been invaluable to keep connected with the talented, skilled and enthusiastic people I met at the event. It has inspired me to do what I’m doing now. I’m a part of a mastermind group that was formed out of NMEU – who are an absolutely brilliant bunch of proactive people. So thanks to you Izabela and Mike for setting this up. I think when you are selling your tickets you should mention the add ons like this… it’s not always a given to know! – Kevin Field


We are inviting our attendees to take part in the Evening Gala party on 18th June (evening of the first day of the event). It is a black tie event with great company, food, entertainment, awards ceremony and much more!


In the run-up to the event we will be organising a number of NMEU meetups. Details will be posted here!

Would you like to host a meetup yourself? Get in touch here.

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