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Bridget Harris
Politics to Entrepreneurship with Bridget Harris

Bridget Harris is the CEO and co-founder of YouCanBook.Me, a cloud-based service which allows your customers to schedule appointments and make bookings with you using your online calendar. She is also the previous special advisor for Deputy Prime Minister in the UK.

You can connect with Bridget by visiting YouCanBook.Me or through Twitter – @bridgettoday. You may also send her an email via [email protected]

Full-time business

Bridget started YouCanBookMe with her husband more than 7 years ago. They’ve been building their company without vacations for a long time already as it took a long time for their business to generate sufficient revenue. In 2012, YouCanBookMe started generating sufficient turnover every month to warrant Bridget handling it full-time. Currently, their business has grown into a full company that has a remote team of 12 people. Bridget shared how YouCanBookMe was started and the number of bookings they are now handling every month. We also talked about how it was to work with her husband and the types of products they’ve worked on over the years.

Work from home

Bridget shared how different her previous work was to her current work from home set up, particularly in terms of meeting people and networking. Since theirs is a remote company, from meeting and working with a lot of people in her previous job, Bridget now only sees Keith most of the time. She emphasized that working hard and having good routines and focus helps them lead very happy and lucky lives.

We also talked about their decision to live and settle in Bedford. Aside from choosing the kind of lifestyle they have in Bedford for their family life, Bridget thinks that it also helps them as entrepreneurs. Bridget talked about the kind of work-life balance she and her family has achieved. She also shared what people can expect for YouCanBookMe for this year.

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