Hey. It’s Monday morning. It’s day 47 of 100 New Media Tools to Promote New Media Europe. I’m Mike Russell, one of the co-founders of the conference.

I just completed that 36 hour nonstop podcast marathon and what does sleep deprivation do to you? It affects you mentally. Today it seems I should be going all guns blazing. Yet, why does it feel like I’ve got a cat on my head? This is something that’s not often talked about. Once you try to break the mould and achieve something outside of the norm you can get a great buzz from it, but then afterwards quite a dip, so I am struggling to get back on track.

The whole weekend I spent pretty much away from my device completely. I certainly didn’t interact with anything. Now I have over 100 emails and over 100 Facebook notifications, not to mention the other social networks to go through. Plus, my journal is lacking writing, so I need to go through and fill that out.

Rather than try any epic tip to promote our conference or do anything like that, I think the best thing I can focus on today is gratitude. Be grateful for all those that got up at all hours of the day to support the podcasting marathon we did on Friday. Be grateful for the hundreds and hundreds of social media mentions and look through them and reply to as many as possible, and attempt to get to inbox zero.

There you go, just a bit of honesty as to why I’m feeling hopping back on Snapchat for day 47. Missed a few days but I’m ready to pick up and express gratitude today. Thank you for watching.


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