Hey. It’s Mike here. I’m one of the co-founders of New Media Europe Conference. It is day 42 of 100 new media tools to promote the event, and I can’t believe what time I’m up at. 4:44. Talk about lack of sleep. Just ahead of a 36-hour marathon. The UK Podcasters Online Conference is just over 1 day away. I think it’s a mix of excitement, wanting to be fully prepared, that kind of stuff. UK podcast’s online conference is a 36-hour non-stop live online conference with 36 speakers; 1 per hour.

That’s better. I’ve got my makeup on there. How do I look? If you have interest in podcasting, doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can register to watch the whole event for free. Really today, day 42 is a housekeeping kind of day. Have I got everything prepared? Do I know what I’m going to eat for the 36 hours? Do I know how it’s going to all go? Do I know what’s happening when? That kind of stuff. Have I got a full schedule? Have I got cards that can tell people what they’re doing wrong? Yes, I have.

Updating our page on lanyrd.com. Also going to roll out our press release. Blog, to LinkedIn to Facebook instant articles everywhere. Put it out there. 1 day to go. As many people need to know as possible about the conference. Oh yeah, just finally, thank you for your support on our Thunderclap campaign. A way of socially proving the conference. We managed to get 107% of our goal supported 1.1 million social reach online, meaning lots of people are going to know about the conference tomorrow. I’m sure there must be a ton of other stuff I need to do to prepare for this 36-hour marathon, but when I have a little bit of self-doubt, I like to take comfort in this Bill O’Reilly video.


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