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Quitting Status Quo With Ani Alexander

Who is Ani Alexander?

An incredible storyteller, Ani is an Amazon bestselling fiction author and creator of the Write 2B Read Podcast which featured names such as like Chris Brogan, Pat Flynn, Tucker Max, Peter Shankman, and many others. Now she is helping entrepreneurs and writers become authors by turning their draft manuscript into a published book just in a few weeks time.

Ani has published three books: Emotional Moments, Highfall, and DreamDown. You can connect with Ani via Twitter or her website.

In this episode, we talk about how Ani found her way into being a fiction author from working in banking and telecommunications. She discussed how she felt that she wants something else despite her attractive career and how she started to paying attention to little signs that pointed to what she really wanted.

Finding the courage to do what you want

What gave Ani the courage to do what she wanted? Sometimes the best scenario is not a place where you want to be and realising that will give you the feeling that it does not make sense to continue what you’re doing.

How to deal with other people’s opinion? Everyone has the right to their own opinion but you have a right not to consider that. Being happy, feeling better, and doing what you love is more important than how people view you.

New beginnings and big changes are always very exciting. They may be hard in the beginning because of the adjustments but it opens up so many new opportunities.

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