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Achieving The Ideal Lifestyle With Ryan Sink

Ryan is a US citizen living in Germany and hosting a podcast called Your Business In English, a podcast for people who use English in their business even if English is not their first language. He is also the founder of Englisch in München.

Check out Ryan’s language hacks through his website or you can connect with him via Twitter.

Traveling and seeing the world

Ryan packed his bags right after college to see the world. He eventually settled down in Munich, Germany when he met the woman he married. He hope to see more of the world eventually, this time with his family, to see new cultures, meet new people, and get a much bigger perspective.

We also talked about how the financial aspect of things and comes into seeing the world. Ryan currently owns 2 businesses and he is working on achieving the ideal lifestyle that he wants – financial and location independence for his family. To get started on the path to his ideal lifestyle, Ryan believes in changing whatever you can and then working really hard to change the rest eventually.

Having work-life balance

Laurens Bonnema’s work-life swirling resonated with Ryan – you have to enjoy both as much as possible, because if work is something you’re just doing for the money, you’re not going to be happy. Everyone’s ‘balance’ is different, you just have to find what works for you and swirl it.

We also talk about how Ryan works to avoid procrastinating and low productivity days. Ryan also shared some of his regrets in life such as being passive in life and dishonest. We also discussed how work-life balance and working online benefit parenting and affect everything.

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