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Finding Your Sweet Spot – The Convergence of Passion, Talent and Money

Park Lane Room 18 June, 2016 9:10 am - 10:00 am

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Dan Miller

For any business activity to make sense, there must be a convergence of Passion, Talent and Money. What is it that you’re naturally drawn to and where do you have proven talent? But that’s not enough. If you have Passion and Talent but no Money, you just have a nice hobby. If you have Passion and Money but no Talent, you have a rapid failure. If you have Talent and Money but no Passion, you have boredom. In this lively session we’ll look at creative combinations of all three – the beautiful feeling when those three come together. And we’ll look at creative ways to generate money from your podcast (the most challenging) without diluting your audience or compromising your message.