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Innovative Podcasting in a Noisy World ::PANEL::

Bond Street Room 19 June, 2016 11:30 am - 12:15 pm

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Colin Gray
Beau York
Ben Green
Kevin Field
Max Pepe
Anna Piazza

The podcast medium is growing, of that there is no doubt. But, as the industry grows, innovation seems to slow. ‘Standards’ start to set in, and people fall into the tried and tested ruts. But, that just leaves room for the innovators, and in this panel, we plan to speak to them.
In this panel we’ll be talking about:
1. How do you innovate in podcasting, and avoid becoming ‘yet another interview show’
2. How do you grow an audience in an age when iTunes is becoming more and more noisy
3. What’s next for podcasting? What will the industry look like in 5 years time? How can we plan for that!

Panel lead by Colin Gray – he is a podcaster, a writer and a PhD in education. He specializes in engaging through content, with podcasting at it’s core. His company, The Podcast Host, helps businesses to grow an audience by combining podcasting, blogging and video to cultivate fanatical fans.

Confirmed Guests: 
  • BEN GREEN – Ben has 15 years experience of making podcasts and radio programmes. He has been a senior multimedia producer at the Guardian since 2006, where he produces the award-­winning Football Weekly, the UK’s number one sports podcast, with over a 1.4m downloads a month. Prior to joining the Guardian, he was a producer at LBC and Channel 4 News. He has made a number of programmes for BBC 5 Live, won two Sony awards, and somehow found himself as the voice of the Guardian’s Guardian Guide to Running podcasts. Ben also provides consultancy for brands and individuals looking to branch into audio. His ebook Podcast Master: Your Short Guide to Broadcasting Online is also available as a podcast series. He tweets @greenbengreen.
  • KEVIN FIELD – Kevin is a multi award-winning media specialist and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and host of Radio Skills for Podcasters; a podcast and blog focused on the craft of creating powerful audio content that gets results. Kevin has extensive experience of local, regional and national radio management, presentation, production and marketing. He’s worked for the biggest brands like Capital Radio and JazzFM, and for regional multi media concerns like Kent Messenger Media Group. In addition he’s also worked at local and community level helping community stations gain and manage their projects.
  • BEAU YORK – he has a background in marketing and product development, Beau York started the podcasting company ‘Podastery’ in 2013, with the goal of better understanding the emerging industry. Since that time, he has gone on to produce top rated shows, such as Country Squire Radio and Flash TV Talk. In 2015, he launched a new company ‘Satchel’, with the goal of progressing podcasting as an industry. The new Satchel podcast player has been heralded for being the first to offer location-based podcast search, and has been featured by the New York Observer, Journalism UK, and Nieman Lab.
  • MAX PEPE – In 2012 Max started a digital marketing agency. In just three years he grew a team from 2 people to 30, and drove 800% growth over three years. This lead to Max being recognised as one of 6 digital industry leaders by one of the UK’s largest and most successful digital marketing publications. Max now believes there is a massive disconnect between the world of business and the world of creativity. To address this problem, Max has just set up a highly ambitious podcast and digital magazine called Rebelhead Entrepreneurs, aiming to change the face of traditional business press and provide a new breed of creative entrepreneur with an unrivalled platform of inspiration, motivation and education.
  • ANNA PIAZZA – Community and Marketing Manager over at Spreaker.com, an all-in-one podcasting solution for podcasters. With over 5 years at Spreaker, she’s seen the coming and going of podcast branding, content, and the flux of the medium’s general trends.

Can’t make the full event but would like to make this session? No problem, grab your spot right here!