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Colin Gray
Teaching Podcasting with Colin Gray

Colin Gray is a podcaster, writer, and has a PhD in education. He specialises in engaging through content with podcasting at its core. His company, The Podcast Host, helps businesses to grow an audience by combining podcasting, blogging, and video.

You may connect with Colin via his website or follow Colin on Twitter – @thepodcasthost. You may also email info(at)

Education and podcasting

On a daily basis, Colin helps people to engage with their audience. Colin’s work is all about creating engaging content, with podcasting at its peak. Colin talked about the first podcasts he listened to, the podcasters he enjoyed listening to, and how it led him to teaching people how to podcast and how to create podcasts as educational tools.

We also discussed how a lot of podcasts are more business-focused and are being used as a business tool. Colin shared how podcasts works for almost anything – business, education, and entertainment. According to Colin, th power of podcasting is in giving value to people and helping people with whatever they want to do.

Traditional education to online courses

Colin shared how some universities are thinking of new ways to teach. Some people in education think that a good number of educational institutions are feeling the pressures of these new methods of learning – evident in the number of online courses that are coming out.

We also talk about being an entrepreneur, working as a freelancer, and running businesses. Colin shared the best part of being self-employed, his struggles as a self-employed,

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