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Pilar Orti and Lisette Sutherland
Virtual Team Talk with Pilar Orti and Lisette Sutherland

Pilar Orti, the Director of Virtual, Not Distant, uses technology to strengthen connections between people. Lisette Sutherland is based in The Netherlands and is the Director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps teams work together from anywhere. Lisette is also the remote team manager for the all-remote freelance team at Happy Melly.

You may connect with Pilar and Lisette at or via Twitter – @PilarOrti and @LightLing.

Virtual team talking and co-working

Pilar and Lisette started their collaboration through the 21st Century Work Life Podcast, a podcast on working in virtual teams. They started on another collaboration, Virtual Team Talk, a group of people from all over the world that discusses various aspects of virtual working. From this, they’re starting a virtual co-working space where they co-work together with various people online. We also talked about the pros and cons of physical co-working spaces as well as virtual co-working space.

Making virtual connections

Both Pilar and Lisette agree that instant connections can happen online. They’ve both had people that they immediately liked and connected with from a singe email message or a Skype call. We talked about how different types of people may adapt to virtual work and how important it is for virtual workers to have heightened self-awareness so that they know how they can work best remotely.

We also talk about what success means for both of them, what pushes them everyday, and where they see themselves and their ventures in 10-15 years from now.

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