3 Social Media Visionaries to Watch in the UK

With the right advice and inspiration, anything is possible in the new landscape of social media. Here a few social media visionaries to follow....
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social media visionaries

Social visionaries from the UK.

With a wide variety of brilliant voices to choose from on any given subject, it can be difficult for people to narrow down a list of truly visionary UK social media personalities. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook fan pages and other websites can offer cutting-edge information, but finding top-quality ideas can be a lengthy process.

Fortunately, a few well-known personalities beat out the competition in timeliness and relevance. Here are just a few of the social media visionaries that everyone should be following:

Deborah LeeDeborah Lee

With regular blog posts on leading sites like the Huffington Post and Barclays Connector, Deborah Lee is a leading social media consultant with a dry wit and of-the-moment updates. Anyone looking to expand their knowledge with the most interesting information on the Internet can learn a lot from spending time on Deborah's Twitter page, where industry news, inspirational quotes from entrepreneurs, and insights into new trends are the norm.

Sarah-Jayne GrattonSarah-Jayne Gratton

One of social media's rising stars, Sarah-Jayne Gratton is a Cambridge-based author and social media strategist with an eye on breakthrough ideas. If you're hoping to learn about personal branding and how social media can improve your life, Sarah-Jayne may just be your greatest discovery in 2015. Check out her Twitter page for inspirational quotes, great advice and the fun of learning about new ideas. Nestled deep among the Virginia Woolf references and top news stories of Gratton's Twitter feed is enough wisdom to get a personal brand off the ground in no time.

Sharon CallixSharon Callix

Like many people in the new digital landscape, social media expert Sharon Callix is concerned about getting the best information in the most timely way possible. Fortunately, Callix provides great news and cutting-edge ideas so that  other people don't have to. A visit to her Twitter account will reveal a host of top business ideas, breaking industry news and inspirational links.

With the right advice and inspiration, anything is possible in the new landscape of social media. The social media influencers listed above are a great place to start!


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