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Hey, Snapchat. It's Day 11 of 100 New Media Tools to promote New Media Europe. Today and for the next ten days, we are going to be focusing on...

Hey, Snapchat. It's Day 11 of 100 New Media Tools to promote New Media Europe. Today and for the next ten days, we are going to be focusing on affiliates. People influence people. Nothing influences someone more than a recommendation from a trusted friend, Mark Zuckerberg. Our biggest goal at New Media Europe is to grow the community this year. Really, really, genuinely grow the community and we know we can't do that without you. Last year for the conference, we had an affiliate program. It worked fairly well.

This year, again, we have an affiliate program, so far only open to speakers.

Affiliate Marketing Growth Hacks by PayPal and Dropbox

I was having my morning coffee this morning reading about two companies I really respect. Number one, PayPal. $10 if you open an account, $10 if you refer someone. That's huge. They spent $60 to $70 million on that incentive program, but they gained a load of customers. Then there's the story of Dropbox. Refer new users and we give you free gigabytes in your Dropbox. I mean that one is genius, isn't it? It didn't even require money. Well, I suppose money on a few extra servers to serve up those gigabytes, but that's it.

We're opening the New Media Europe Affiliate Programme to Everyone

The first time this year at New Media Europe, we're going to open the affiliate program further than just speakers and a few key influencers. We're going to open the affiliate program to everyone. Our current rate of commission is 10% on a ticket sale. At the moment, a 290 pound entrance to New Media Europe would net you 29 pounds.

£100 Commission for Each New Attendee Referred

For the next ten days only until the end of March, we are going to pay out 100 pounds for every referral you make to New Media Europe. That is huge. Needless to say, we really believe in the conference. We really believe that Europe needs this, that people will be inspired by attending, just like I was so many years ago attending the New Media expo. Today, my team and I are going to be working on several posts, banners and a whole horde of stuff to help new affiliates signing up over the next 10 days promote New Media Europe.

Want to Join #NMEU Affiliates?

What's that? What? You're interested yourself? Affiliate marketing is today's big new media tool to promote New Media Europe for Day 11. Needless to say, I'll be sending this out to the email list and also posting in our group. Remember, the best advocates of your product are the people that are already using it and loving it.

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