How to Comment on YouTube Videos

Day 9, here we go. Hello. Rise and shine. Time to get down to the serious business of 100 new media tools. It's going to be one of those...

Day 9, here we go. Hello. Rise and shine. Time to get down to the serious business of 100 new media tools. It's going to be one of those days, today. 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe in 100 days, 91 days until the conference. You can check it out at Today, my mission is to work on YouTube marketing. Now, that's not just by the simple creating videos with compelling content and SEO friendly titles. It's more by outreach, today. My plan, today, for the next hour or two, is to find relevant channels that I can comment on, and generally interact with, that would be relevant to the conference, New Media Europe. First, I need to get clear on who the conference is for. Now, I can hop down and start searching for some relevant videos. Look at this one, “New Media Europe” pulls up 440 videos. Here's the idea. Type in a relevant keyword, like marketing. Select filters, go for today only, and then filters again, and select view count. Boom, immediately time sensitive, relevant videos.

Commenting Without Seeming Spammy

All right, my question to you … Commenting on blogs and videos is as old as the internet. How to do it without seeming spammy? Give me your thoughts, please. Snap be back. 3 tips from me on how to not be spammy in YouTube comments. Number 1, do not say, “Hey, nice video. You might like my product, URL.” I would delete a comment like that from my YouTube channel. I'm sure others would, too. Do not post something generic, like, “Love the video. Great video. Hey, we should connect. Tip number 3, what do you do then? Watch the video first. Add value to the video in your comment. Watch the video, then comment.

Double Speed YouTube Videos

Oh, and if you haven't got time to watch all those videos in full, here's a tip for you: go to the cog in the bottom right of the video, select it, speed, 2, and you get a double speed video. Fortunately, I can still understand double speed.

Commenting on Relevant YouTube Videos

Oh, you're still there. I'm just about to get started. Just about 24 minutes into my project, and I'm finding some amazing videos, searching New Media Europe as a keyword.

I'm hanging out with Dupes at New Media Europe, and it's so much fun.

On my gosh, I love St. Lucia. The best bananas on the planet.

Curating YouTube Videos

So, I'm going to integrates a little bit of day 4 with my project today. Not only am I going to comment on these videos, I'm also going to share them inside buffer. These user-generated videos about the conference are far better than anything I could create myself, so I'm definitely going to share them. I can't wait to do it, in fact.

Seeming Personal from a Branded YouTube Account

Another tip, when you're commenting from a brand YouTube account, add a carat and your name at the end of the comment. Makes it more personal.

I've now gone as far as I can with the New Media Europe search terms. Some fantastic videos, and now, I'm going to get into some other keywords relevant to the conference.

Connections from YouTube

I wanted to give you a quick update on how it's going with the YouTube commenting on videos. Really, really fantastic. Not only am I finding great content that is recently been released, but I'm also doing a double-whammy by finding the producers on Twitter, so as well as getting a comment on the video from me, they'll also get a tweet mentioning them and promoting their video via my buffer account.

Time to get back to it. That is time out for me for today. I now have a ton of videos scheduled in buffer and have also made some connections via commenting on relevant videos.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.