How to Create a Landing Page

Day 13. Lovely day but I think I’m going through the day 13 dip today. This is my journey. 100 days, 100 new media tools to promote our conference,...

Day 13. Lovely day but I think I’m going through the day 13 dip today. This is my journey. 100 days, 100 new media tools to promote our conference, New Media Europe.

Moving the Needle

I’ve been at it trying loads of different media tools and sometimes you think, “Is the needle really moving? Are things really happening? Is there something I can do to really make the needle move a little bit more?” I think it’s just when you get to that point, just when you get to that point, you are just on the brink of a breakthrough, of success, so I’m going to keep on going.

Getting Started

To start the day off I needed a bit of pop music just to get me going and some fresh air as well, and sunshine. As an entrepreneur sometimes it’s very tempting to spend the whole day locked up in your home office.

Blue sky thinking time is exactly what I need today.

Loving Webinars

I must admit, I really enjoyed the webinar I did yesterday and today my focus is on creating landing pages for more webinars we’re going to be doing. Today in my story I will give you the tools and techniques I’m going to use to create an awesome webinar landing page.

Landing Page Software

So that I can create the best landing pages on the internet I’m comparing two different services: Unbounce and LeadPages. Previously I paid for and used LeadPages. They have some excellent landing page templates. However, I’ve not been 100% happy with the customisation features. For instance, whenever you send out a lead magnet to your list, the LeadPages logo is included. This is even if you’re a paying customer.

Today I’m going to hop over and use Unbounce to build those webinar landing pages and I’ll let you know how I get on in my story today.

Filming Video for a Landing Page

First, I’ve got to get me some Izabela.

Video is absolutely great for Facebook ads and converting on landing pages for webinars. That’s why we are shooting a video, right now, no more than 30 seconds in duration.

“… And I would like to invite you to my webinar about branding.”

Editing Landing Page Content

Here’s the final cut, ready to go. Just need to edit it inside Premiere Pro.

That is how easy it is to create a gorgeous landing page with Unbounce.

Split Testing Landing Pages

Now that the very first landing page is up my team and I are going to be creating more variants of that landing page. It’s all hooked into MailChimp and ready to go. We’ll be sending some Facebook traffic over. We’ll be using Twitter ads. We’ll also be looking into Google AdWords that has a direct dynamic link into Unbounce so we can change the text. Yeah, dynamic Google ads are really cool. You can change the text that displays on the landing page dependent upon the key word that the person has searched for on Google.

Phil Pallen on the New Media Europe Webinar

Really, really excited that our first guest on the New Media Europe webinar is Phil Pallen. Really excited that Phil Pallen, branding strategist from Los Angeles is going to be on our very first webinar. We’ve got more excellent names to be announced.

Oh, and by the way, yes, you can sign up right now to claim your spot for this webinar with Phil Pallen.

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