How to Create a Welcome Page

I don’t like members of the New Media Europe community. I love them! Today is day 31 of 100 new media tools to promote our conference, New Media Europe....

I don’t like members of the New Media Europe community. I love them! Today is day 31 of 100 new media tools to promote our conference, New Media Europe.

Facebook Live Recap

You may remember back on day 29, I had experiment with Facebook Live into groups and events yesterday, Live Stream Friday we had 16 members of our group streaming. Here’s the result, what an awesome bunch of people. How many Facebook group moderators were scrambling to the Dexter Band, anyone who was live streaming. We were actively encouraging it, and it was great fun, great success.

Full Screen Takeover

Today, for my new media tool I’m going to do something a little bit different. It’s called a Welcome Gate. What is a Welcome Gate? It’s something that appears full screen takeover of your website before anyone can do anything. The idea is to collect a name and email address. It can also be known as a Welcome Mat and a Full Screen Takeover.

Hello website visitor, would you like to join my email list? Because they have a sole focus of attention when someone hitch your website, they are surprisingly effective.

Welcome Gates are Used by The Best in the Business

Who’s using these Welcome Gates? Respected blogger, podcaster, and virtual mentor Michael Hyatt as his own Welcome Gate, with a nice button to opt in. One of the top bloggers in the world Darren Rowse has his very own Welcome Gate asking you to opt in or no, thanks. Now one thing I know we’re not doing very well on the New Media Europe site is collecting email addresses. We don’t actually have many places you can opt in at present. Today, my team and I are going to work on setting up a bunch of Welcome Gates for the New Media Europe site and also for our UK podcasters online conference to get more leads.

How to Get More Email Opt Ins

We need to the grab the attention of every website visitor the moment they hit our site. I’m going to be using OptinMonster to create a Welcome Gate or full screen takeover. We already used this service, excellent service, can’t recommend it highly enough to collect email leads. Let’s get started creating that new optin. Now, there of the menu choices we’re looking for full screen. I’ve given that a title, I need to pick the correct website in which is Select the template. Everything can now be configured over here in the left hand menu bar, and it looks like this when you finished. Learn the success habits of new media entrepreneurs.

Setting up a Full Page Takeover

Now I can do all kinds of things here, I can set it up to appear five seconds, after someone lands on the page. Immediately when they land, all just before they’re about to leave the page. There’s a nice specs of blue and green, but perhaps I’d like that to be orange and pink. I can do that too, I can split test what works better. Here’s the finish product, New Media Europe website. Browsing nicely and after five seconds, suddenly, you get the full page takeover and request for email address. To recap, use OptinMonster for a full page takeover, and get more emails subscriptions. Enjoy it.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.