How to Create YouTube Video Ads

It's Sunday morning, I don't want to spend too long indoors today, so it's time to do You Tube Video Ads. I'm going all in on visual. Today is...

It's Sunday morning, I don't want to spend too long indoors today, so it's time to do You Tube Video Ads. I'm going all in on visual. Today is day 25 of 100 New Media tools to promote New Media Europe. Occasionally I get asked, where can I see the rest of these days after they're off Snapchat? Find them over on YouTube!

Making Your YouTube Channel Look Good

All right, so, down to business, down to the purpose today. If I'm going to send you over to You Tube to watch my previous stories from Snapchat, I want the You Tube channel to look good.

Shortly, I'll hop inside Google AdWords to create some video Ads. First, I need to make the channel look good by changing the channel artwork by clicking the top right, edit channel art, and drop in a new background image, done.

YouTube Video Marketing Works!

We hear time and time again in the marketing world You Tube is a fantastic way to get your brand out there. It's a great way to get eyeballs on what you're doing, grow an audience and give value. Here's an example from my own experience.

I have a You Tube channel about Adobe Audition with 45,000 subscribers. Check it out at Now, the truth of the matter is, I've never spent a penny on Google Ads for my Adobe Audition channel, I never have needed to. But sometimes if you're just starting out particularly in a competitive niche, you might want to consider using a few Google Ads to boost up your initial content.

YouTube Video Ads to Boost Your New Channel

Today and in the coming weeks, my team and I will set up Google Ads for every single video on the New Media Europe channel to boost up the views and also increase engagement, where to start? My advice is to pick your most popular organically-ranking video and boost that first.

How to Create Video Ads in Google AdWords

Go in to Creator Studio and look at your video manager, scroll down until you find a video that you reckon has some good organic views. This one has 20 views, much more than the rest. Now inside Google AdWords campaign, you want to create a video campaign. Here it's very simple, give your campaign a name, so I'm going to name it the same as the video, give it a budget, maybe £10 a day and then scroll down and choose the locations that are most relevant to you.

When you save and continue, it will ask you for an Ad group name. That can be the same as the name of your video, stick in the You Tube URL right there, make it an in-stream Ad, I find this to be effective. Ad name can be, again, the same name as your video, the URL, where you want to send people to, for me, that will appear right there.

Did you notice the little Snapchat noise there? Yeah, they recognised my own snap code.

Finally you want to to add in a bid amount, I usually go for the max because it will never charge you the maximum if it doesn't have to.

Targeting Video Ads Correctly

Now targeting is super important, this is how you can get the people you want to view your video. I usually go by keywords and because this is a podcasting relevant video, I'll go for podcasting and more, add that keyword and then add a whole bunch more here, maybe how to podcast. Well, there's a few more in here too, make a podcast.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.