How to Create a Webinar

Webinar Mastermind with Izabela Russell Hi. Webinar mastermind, what are we going to do? We're going to do lots of good work. It is day six. 100 new media...

Webinar Mastermind with Izabela Russell


Webinar mastermind, what are we going to do?

We're going to do lots of good work.

It is day six. 100 new media tools to promote This one involves webinars with your host, it is Izabela Russell. How do you feel about doing webinars?

I'm petrified.

I'm … What do I say … Today it is my mission to create five landing pages for five webinars and get them out there with your name on it.

We've got some killer titles, haven't we?


Really killer titles and the idea is, we're going to put them up there on some landing pages, promote the heck out of them on Facebook Ads so we can see what kind of people are interested in the webinar in the first place and I think I'm going to play with Facebook Leads Ads where you can actually get email addresses natively inside Facebook. That should be a fun way to get registrations for webinars. What are your ideas? What are we going to do to market these webinars for New Media Europe?

You are the master.

All right. I'm going to work on it today. Webinar marketing ideas from Izabela Russell herself. We need artwork for the topics, we need events on Facebook set up and my magic growth hacking ideas to make it happen.

Webinar Titles

Here are the five topics. What do you think?

  • • Ten branding hacks that will change the game for you.
  • • How the concept of free can take your idea from zero to full time business.
  • • Why hating your job is the best thing in the world.
  • • Five books that will take you and your business to the next level.
  • • Five free tools that will change your business.

Izabela Russell has just had an idea. Ten seconds.

Email marketing.

What do you mean by that?

Email people.

… or tell people better on email. That's a good … I love that idea so so far we have Facebook events, we have Facebook Ads, we have email marketing, landing pages. Now we need the platform. I know there are some online marketing gurus following me here on Snapchat so what would you recommend as a webinar platform? Snap me back there.

Webinar Software

Thanks to my friend Anderson Gray recommended me three possible platforms I could use for webinars for New Media Europe. Get ready to snap shot the next snap to get his snapcode.

I've got my eye on Zoom at Also Go To Webinar and Webinar Jam Studio which integrates with Google Hangouts. I'm also considering Hangouts on air for webinars or perhaps Blab but in my opinion as long as the platform is always reliable it's not so important where you host the webinar. It's more important how you market it and getting people to it.

Webinar Artwork

I am currently working on the artwork for our webinars. Grateful to have a fantastic graphic designer on our team who can create good looking artwork just like this. I just need to tweak the text in Photoshop. What I'm looking for premium photos I usually head over to Shutterstock but Pixabay is great in the fact that you can chose an image and it is creative commons zero public domain. What I'm going to do  is create five different artworks for one singular webinar and I'm going to split test the images on Facebook Ads. The image that gets the most leads signing up and the most click throughs I will use on the actual webinar when we launch it.

Time to get Photoshop mode engaged. Nearly halfway through the day and we've got five really killer titles for our webinars but not much content yet. Instead of building really complicated landing pages, I am going to test out those titles with Facebook Lead Ads. That way I'm going to quickly establish where the interest is and where to focus our efforts in scheduling these webinars.

Webinar Marketing Using Facebook Lead Ads

I'm now working on generating webinar leads using Facebook Ads. All right. Here we have it. 5 campaigns, 5 ad sets, 25  ads. Split testing 25 different images and I'm going to launch them all simultaneously right now from the Facebook Power Editor. This will give me the opportunity to see which webinar titles perform the best and also which images are clicked the most. I'll be reporting back with the success of Lead Ads in the coming days.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.