NMEU 02 – Matthew McLean – Audio Drama Production for a New Generation

Matthew McLean talks about audio drama production in this new generation and how modern audio drama is the child of old time radio drama....

Matthew McLean
Matthew McLean is an audio drama producer, known as the other half of Yap Audio Production based in Scotland. He produces Aftermath and the Audio Drama Production Podcast.

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Top Quotes from Matthew McLean:

  • “Modern audio drama is like the child of old-time radio drama; you can compare it to old-time radio drama in the same way you can compare modern films to old films.”
  • “This new medium of modern audio drama has really flourished because of podcasts.”
  • “It's a very small niche and I'm not worried about that. I'd rather have all this interaction than thousands of downloads.”
  • “I don't miss a Dave Jackson episode.”
  • “I made the decision that Libsyn was the way to go and I really do like it – I like all its features and it's very, very simple (even simple enough for me).”
  • “After coming to UK Pod last year, I couldn't have missed it this year. I met so many wonderful people, and this was on top of the excellent, excellent sessions.” [On coming to NMEU 2015]


Key Timestamps:

  • 00:53 – Host Mike Russell welcomes Matthew McLean to the show
  • 01:15 – Matthew's looking forward to attending the NMEU conference
  • 01:33 – How Matthew uses new media to promote his audio dramas
  • 03:42 – People's reaction to the Audio Drama Production Podcast
  • 04:45 – Matthew talks about his podcast “wife”
  • 05:21 – Top 3 blogs to read or podcasts to listen to
  • 07:31 – New media tools that Matthew couldn't live without and why
  • 09:50 – On attending meetups with other podcasters in Scotland
  • 11:10 – What made Matthew decide to attend New Media Europe
  • 12:10 – Other things, aside from podcasting, that Matthew would be interested in
  • 12:38 – People that Matthew looks forward to hearing from at New Media Europe
  • 14:30 – Matthew's most successful audio drama to date

Find Matthew Online!

Visit the YAP website or  AudioDramaProduction.com; tweet them at @YapAudio; or join their group on Facebook: Audio Drama Production Podcast.

What's Next?

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