How to Post on Facebook Groups

Hey Snapchat, it's day two of my 100 days of using new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Today my focus is entirely on Facebook groups. The task...

Hey Snapchat, it's day two of my 100 days of using new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Today my focus is entirely on Facebook groups. The task I'm going to set up for myself today is find lots of groups that are of value to New Media Europe attendees, and see how I can get in there and start value answering some questions. As a conferences organiser, one of the best things you can do is set up your own Facebook group. That is exactly what we have.

Keeping Facebook Groups Valuable

One of my biggest challenges in the last few days, or few months actually I've been considering, is keeping the group valuable without it turning into a free for all promotional group. I often join Facebook groups myself out of interest, particularly local interest Facebook groups. I find it's just other businesses promoting their Facebook pages. Not very valuable. The way to keep a Facebook group valuable, questions and answers. Encourage members of the group to ask questions and to add value to answer other people's questions.

No Spam Rule in Facebook Groups

A little bit of hornet's nest recently was introducing a no spam rule to the New Media Europe group. It's caused a lot of discussion and hornets. In the interest of the group democracy, we had a vote on it. It was decided that we'd have one timeline post a week for promotions only. There you can see a rather long list of rules over to the right, but in the interest of feel good Friday, we're going to be doing that one timeline post. I'll let you know how it goes later on today. One thing I will say is that straight away by bringing up this topic it has created an amazing amount of discussion in the group. Actually as a result, I'm seeing more questions posted inside the group.

My conclusion so far with a clear agenda and guidelines for members to follow, Facebook groups really can be a valuable way of staying in touch and learning. Okay Snapchat, it's early and I've got plenty to do, so I'll be checking in later on with you and let you know how I get on with Facebook groups today.

One Single Post a Week for Promotions

My thoughts on posting one single promotional thread a week on a Facebook group, absolutely phenomenal. I'm finding that no longer are we getting a flurry of promotional threads throughout the week, but one single place and far more interaction on each post from everyone in the group who has something to talk about, even some folks that would normally be too shy to self promote what they're up to are actually interacting with this singular thread, which is really inspiring me.

This has actually got me thinking about the value of Facebook groups. They're hugely valuable. Most of them have loads of eyeballs on them. Unlike Facebook pages, you get loads of views, right? Most groups have a similar policy though. Spam us with your self promotional links or email lead generation forms and we'll ban you, kind of thing.

Cross Promotion in Other Facebook Groups

Now I'm considering heading into other Facebook groups and trying to help people out, get them interested in what I'm doing, not through promoting myself, but the allure of attraction in simply providing value to others.

How are you using Facebook groups? Snap me back and let me know. Any recommendations of good groups to join?

How to Join Facebook Groups

I am getting so excited by my Facebook group project today. It's amazing. Here's something for you to try right away. Type your interest into the search bar on Facebook. Hit search, and then select groups. You're most likely going to find there's a group of tens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of people that share your interest, even possibly in your local geographic region. For instance, I've just found this group matches two of my interests, the London Radio and Podcast Network. Wow. Two of my interests, and it's building just under 20 people, but a community that is growing. That's what I love to be a part of it. Today's conclusion, battle on.

Two Actionable Facebook Groups Tips

Here are two things you can do right now with Facebook groups that I found seem to be working really well for me. One, use the search facility, and join groups that match your interest. Two, click members, admins. Reach out to the admins and ask them how you can help them to grow their Facebook group. Okay, Snapchat thank you for watching today and following me on my 100 day journey to using new media tools to promote New Media Europe. Got any questions? Snap me back.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.