Scotland Podcasting Meetup

We're heading to Glasgow for a Scottish podcasting meetup with an inspirational podcast talk, networking and welcome drinks at SocietyM Glasgow....
SocietyM, Glasgow

SocietyM, Glasgow

Saturday, 15 August 2015, 14:00-18:00 (BST)

Glasgow, Scotland

We're heading to Glasgow for a Scottish podcasting meetup with inspirational podcast talks, networking and welcome drinks at SocietyM Glasgow.

Spend the afternoon networking and learning with fellow podcasters and then stop by the awesome CizitenM hotel bar for food and a few drinks into the evening.

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Mark Pentleton: Ten Years of Podcasting

mark-pentletonMark Pentleton is an award-winning podcaster who started podcasting in 2005. He runs the Radio Lingua Network, serving a worldwide community of millions of language learners.

Mark is a former secondary school teacher who has built a highly successful business around podcasting. After launching Coffee Break Spanish in 2006, which quickly became one of the most successful educational podcasts ever produced, Mark set up Radio Lingua, a network of over 30 podcasts covering languages from Arabic to Zulu, which has now delivered over 170 million free language lessons to learners around the world. The network also produces products and courses which have ensured a healthy turnover year on year.

In his power session Mark will share some of the highs – and lows – of his experience teaching learners around the world from his home studio in Ayrshire. He will offer some key advice on how to make your podcasts profitable, and how to stay in the game for the long run.

Start learning a language in your coffee break over on the Radio Lingua website and join Mark on Twitter @markpentleton.

Colin Gray: Breaking the Podcasting Mould

Colin Gray will be speaking at the New Media Europe conference in Manchester. Here's what to expect at his power session in Glasgow:

Podcasting is growing fast, and newcomers seem to be following happily in the footsteps of old hands in the industry. But, there are a lot of ‘conventions' out there that might not serve us as well as they once did. This talk is about breaking those conventions, looking at why they came about and why it might be time to outgrow them. Taking a new approach to podcasting can help it to fit into a much larger strategy. This can help you to create products and eventually generate an income from your broadcasting. Let's find out how with “The Podcast Host“!

Krishna De: Building Visibility And Leads For Your Business With Instagram 

Krishna DeKrishna De is an award winning digital marketing, brand engagement and social media speaker and mentor.

At her power session in Glasgow she'll be exploring how to integrate Instagram into your content marketing and sharing smart phone apps to help you create visual content on the go. Krishna will guide a conversation about mistakes to avoid when using Instagram for business, will share recommendations for actions you can take to express your brand on the fast growing social network and will facilitate a conversation on what attendees find works for them so that we share best practice tips.

You will find her live streaming visual marketing tips on Periscope and sharing visual marketing tips on her website and on Twitter @KrishnaDe.

Chris Marr: Starting a Successful Podcast

Hear from Chris how podcasting can work for your personal brand or business as part of the marketing mix. He'll share his podcast launch story for The Marketing Academy Podcast, which has continued to rank highly in the business category of iTunes, and give you actionable tips to help make your podcast a great success. Chris is also founder of Scotland's first and only content marketing conference.

New Media Europe Conference

New Media EuropeThis meetup is powered by the New Media Europe conference. A two day event for podcasters, bloggers, online video creators and social media visionaries. It's taking place in Manchester, UK from 12-13 September 2015 – read more here.

Only 20 Spaces Available

We're using a cool breakout room at SocietyM Glasgow, the capacity is for 20. If you want to be at our first podcasting event in Scotland be sure to book now.

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Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.