How to Transcribe Audio to Text

Now it is time to get Day 23 going. 100 New Media Tools to Promote our Conference New Media Europe. Webinar on Blab We did a webinar last night...
Andrea Vahl talks about using social media profiles for your business, Facebook marketing, and targeting and growing your audience through Facebook.

Now it is time to get Day 23 going. 100 New Media Tools to Promote our Conference New Media Europe.

Webinar on Blab

We did a webinar last night with one of our keynote speakers in New Media Europe, Phil Pallen. He is a brand strategist from Los Angeles. Get read to screenshot. Add this guy on Snapchat now.

It was hosted by the lovely Izabela Russell, who also happens to be my wife and funnily enough it was her first time using Blab last night. I think she liked it, but she doesn't do Snapchat. Well, she does. She's got a profile. She just doesn't use it. So, you need to screenshot, add her, and message bomb her.

I think if enough of you sent her a message and break her phone with notifications from Snapchat she might just start using it, which would be great.

Blab Let's You Download Audio & Video

Back to the new media tools. We did a lovely webinar on Blab. 10 branding hacks that would change the game for you with Phil Pallen and Izabela Russell. Loads of chat and engagement. The great thing about Blab is once you've finished your webinar, you can actually download the MP4 video and the MP3 audio which we repurposed on to Youtube and as a podcast.

Webinar Q & A

So, today's new media tool pertains to my team and I repurposing webinar content into other forms, audio, video, and a written blog post. One of the great problems we had during the webinar was that Phil Pallen was such an engaging questions we couldn't possibly answer them all within the hour.

Answer Questions Not Covered in Your Webinar in Bonus Audio

In addition to Phil Pallen and Izabela Russell answering a few questions during the live webinar, we took a copy of the questions that didn't get answered. Phil spend 14 minutes recording his answers to all of the questions and then had them transcribed using this tool. Rev at It's awesome. At $1 a minute, they'll transcribe anything from live webinars to YouTube videos to podcast episodes and I've been using Rev every day on my Snapchat story to get closed captions for YouTube and also the closed captions you'll see if you're watching on Facebook.

Transcribe Audio to Text

Today my team and I are going to repurpose that content that Phil has created post webinar and put it up on as a blog post. I'm curious, is it worth having transcriptions of podcasts or closed captions with videos transcribed by Rev? Would you do it? Snap me back if you're watching on Snapchat let me know.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.