How to Use Lanyrd; The Social Conference Directory

How many of you are monetising your blog or podcast? Snap me back and let me know. I'm Mike Russell one of the co-founders of the New Media Europe...

How many of you are monetising your blog or podcast? Snap me back and let me know. I'm Mike Russell one of the co-founders of the New Media Europe conference happening in London this summer. It's day 30 of 100 New Media tools to promote the conference. In the coming days, I'm going to cover some blog and podcast monetisation tips on Snapchat.

Event Organisers Should Use Lanyrd

Right now, I'm going to show you the tool that if you are organising any kind of event, you should be using. Screenshot this, the social conference directory., and that is the URL for our Lanyrd.

What is Lanyrd? is kind of like the Wikipedia for worldwide conferences, anybody can edit it and it's open source. Here's a page we got set up inside Lanyrd for New Media Europe, you can edit it by clicking the green button, conference name, tagline or website, important to include the hashtag and Twitter as well. Hang on, you're probably saying, another directory to include my event, Mike, come on, I haven't got time for this.

Best Feature of Lanyrd

Here's the killer feature. You can add all of your speakers either by Twitter handle or if they've got a blue square around them, it means they're actually a member of Lanyrd, they're signed up and using the service themselves. Once you've added all your event speakers, Lanyrd will pop an email out to all of their followers letting them know that they're speaking at your conference.

Conference Suggestions

Take a look at all these event updates and suggestions that I've had from Lanyrd, it's crazy, this is just in the last year. The latest email let me know about a German podcasting conference, that seems interesting, and also Social Media London that's happening in London, that also looks extremely interesting.

Updating an Event in Lanyrd

It's really easy to update your event inside Lanyrd. You can add more speakers, you can add sessions, you can have a call for speakers if you like, and people can track and follow your event on Lanyrd as well. If you want to track New Media Europe on Lanyrd, this is where you need to go,

Adding Speakers to your Listing

The task for my team and I today is to update our Lanyrd entries to make sure it's up-to-date with all the latest speaker auditions so that we get the maximum social coverage possible from By the way, lanyrd allows four online conferences. Take a look at this, UK Podcasters online conference listed here with hashtag and speakers. To recap, that's the social conference directory, go and check it out and look out New Media Europe and the UK Podcasters online conference, and track us.


Mike is co-founder of New Media Europe - obsessed with everything new in media and technology. He's also a founder of audio production company Music Radio Creative.