NMEU 33 – Colin Gray – The Podcast Host

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Colin Gray
Colin Gray
is a podcaster and online educator, and has been teaching podcasting skills for over 6 years.

Colin’s passion is helping other podcasters as “The Podcast Host“. His background in online education underpins a range of online podcasting courses, all designed to help podcasters get up and running, and then enhance their shows as they develop. He also offers one-to-one support and regular mentoring for those looking for a long-term podcasting partner.

These days, Colin produces two podcasts: one on podcasting and the other on mountain biking (his release outside of the office). PodCraft is the former, a season-based show that tackles podcasting topics head-on over a series of shows, looking to create a definitive guide each time.

Colin is an experienced speaker, both in podcasting and in the academic world. Most recently, he was 1 of 6 main-track speakers at the UK Podcasters’ Conference and 1 of 2 podcasting experts at the Content Marketing Academy in Fife, Scotland. He is also a speaker at the New Media Europe conference, and will present Time to Get Series-ous? How to Revitalise and Sell Your Podcast.

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Top Quotes from Colin Gray:

  • “It’s a really exciting time for podcasters.”
  • “It connects you with your audience and your audience with you in such a more deep way.”
  • “At the very start, it doesn’t matter what your quality is, because nobody’s going to be listening at the very beginning.”
  • “Podcasting is definitely the best way or the most engaging way that you can connect with a customer.”
  • “While audio is great for that transparency and the trust and the personality and the audience building, I do think that sometimes there’s a place for just having some writing.”


Key Timestamps:

  • [00:28] – Host Izabela Russell introduces and welcomes the episode’s guest and New Media Europe speaker, Colin Gray
  • [01:12] – Colin shares what he thinks of the future of podcasting
  • [02:22] – How Colin got started with podcasting
  • [03:56] – Colin’s favourite thing about podcasting
  • [04:51] – Colin’s number one tip for those planning to start a podcast for business
  • [06:20] – Colin shares his absolute minimum for recording a podcast
  • [08:34] – On podcasting as a way for businesses to connect with their audience
  • [10:48] – What to expect from Colin’s speech at New Media Europe
  • [13:43] – How Colin is using new media for his personal brand and business
  • [16:28] – New media tools that Colin cannot live without
  • [18:55] – People that Colin is looking forward to meeting at New Media Europe
  • [19:48] – Colin’s drink of choice
  • [21:29] – Best ways to connect with Colin online
  • [21:47] – Izabela thanks Colin and wraps up the show

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Global storyteller, Jeremy Boeh, joins our next episode. Want a discounted registration to the New Media Europe conference this September? Simply listen to the end of the show to get an exclusive coupon!