Influencer Marketing: It’s All About The Likes

What is the most important metric when it comes to influencer marketing?
Influencers value likes
Influencers value likes

What is the most important metric when it comes to influencer marketing? A recent survey reveals that huge importance remains with likes.

Top Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

Top influencer marketing platformsA recent report from Hashoff reveals that it’s still very much a Facebook and Instagram world when it comes to influencers. The single most important success metric, according to influencers themselves, is likes. The more likes a post gets the better it has performed. Shares rated as the least important metric in this survey.

I recently mentioned some tips for influencer marketing. It is now easier than ever before to find micro-niche influencers in your own industry.

How to Get More Likes

Authenticity is key and it is important to ensure that you’re talking about a brand or product you actually like. Nothing beats creativity and originally produced content which can take time and effort to create.

Look for topics and ideas that resonate with your audience. Ask them what they’d like to hear about and be sure to engage with comments across your social media. Building genuine likes and engagement won’t happen overnight nevertheless staying consistent will help tremendously.

Content Creation Takes Time

The report also mentioned and interesting statistic about the time it takes to create great content. More than half of those surveyed said it takes between 30 minutes to 3 hours creating amazing content. 15% of creators spend even more than 3 hours on their best content.

Set time aside in your schedule and likes will come. If something you create is genuinely engaging or helpful the likes, comments and shares will follow organically.


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