Practical Tips on How to Cope Better with Stress

How to be more resilient and deal with stressful situations in life and business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, leader, or a busy parent. We all experience from time to time, a challenging life or work situations that generates an important amount of stress. These days, we are expected to do more with less time. Our email boxes are overloaded, we are constantly distracted by all sorts of social media notifications. And, as a result, stress and exhaustion rate continues to increase dangerously.

How to Cope with Stress

  1. Master your emotions – When a stressful situation arises, our brain activates the emotional part of the brain first, before our logical part of the brain can react. So do not rush to answer directly, but always take a short pause and stop. Take several deep breaths, or you can also count to 10. This break will help you to calm down and reflect on the situation instead of reacting emotionally.
  2. Rest – If you are experiencing long-term stress related to your job or your current life situation, it is extremely important to relax your body and brain. Sleep at least 7 hours per night, exercise, journal, and connect with nature by going for a daily walk or create your favourite music playlist.
  3. Control your thinking – When we are exposed to stress, we perceive reality in a very narrow way. If you’re always focusing on the negative aspects of a situation, negativity will continuously filter through to your state of mind. And negative emotions prompt fear, anger, and anxiety. Make an active choice to challenge your negative thinking and turn challenges around with positive thoughts. Think about what you would say to someone else in the same situation.
  4. Meditate – Integrate meditation to your daily agenda. The scientific research confirms the positive impact of meditation on our body and mind. Meditation is not about becoming a monk in Nepal, but allowing yourself to take a moment to stop and be fully present. There are many mobile phone applications or online courses available these days that can help you to start to practice it.
  5. Have a choice – Resilient people always believe they have a choice. Look for possible options in every challenging situation. While we can’t control the life circumstances, we can control how we respond to them.

About the author:

Vendula Pavlikova is the founder of Authentic Achievers. She brings together her 12 years’ professional experience in the corporate world across a wide range of industries. Her passion for Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology. She works with clients around the world helping them develop their emotional intelligence. Her mission is to guide people to live a fulfilling life and to teach them how to take care of their emotional well-being.



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