Podcast Advertising Rates: How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost?

What you pay for podcast advertising depends very much upon who you are dealing with in the first case.
Podcast advertising rates can vary
Podcast advertising rates can vary

What you pay for podcast advertising depends very much upon who you are dealing with in the first case. According to this podcasting report from Bridge Ratings 2017 is the breakthrough year for podcasting with advertising spend set to hit over $500 million (£385 million) by 2020.

Advertising with Individual Podcasters

Estimated Cost: Usually starts from $50 (£38) per show

Targeting individual podcasters is the most economical way to advertise on a podcast.


  • You’re dealing direct, there’s no middleman, therefore you can negotiate a great deal.
  • One podcaster talking to your exact ideal audience is better than hundreds of broad topic podcasts.
  • You can create a relationship that can continue beyond one advertising campaign.


  • It’ll take quite a bit of work to find the podcasters you’d like to advertise with and contact them and negotiate.
  • The quality of the advert may not be great if the podcaster is not qualified in audio production. Thankfully Music Radio Creative can help with this!

Advertising with Podcast Networks

Estimated Cost: Starting at $500 (£385) per quarter

There are some big players around such as Podcast One and Leo Laporte’s TWiT network. You can access I wider range of podcasts while still focusing in on an audience you’d like to reach.


  • A podcast network can have a larger audience than single podcasts.
  • You’re still likely dealing with the podcast network owner individually so no middle sales person.
  • Podcast networks usually have a range of different podcasts allowing you to experiment with different shows to find what works.


  • The reach and cost may be too high and broad.
  • Podcast networks often have formatting rules meaning less creative freedom than working with individual podcasters.
  • Your advert may be mixed in with others if the podcast network is successful.

Advertising with a Podcast Advertising Network

Estimated Cost: A 5 figure annual budget is usually required

This will get you the widest range of options and usually a fixed CPM fee so you can know what you’re spending and how many ears you’re reaching.


  • Access to a large number of podcasts without the need to contact each podcaster.
  • Quick and easy facts and figures on how your podcast advertising campaign is doing.
  • A professional sales person will be able to help you create your podcast advertising campaign.


  • Advertising can be expensive.
  • You can be hitting a large number of ears with little return because the audience is too broad.
  • The advertising company needs to take a cut of the money you pay.


Conclusion: How Much To Charge For Podcast Advertising?

If you’re a podcaster, not an advertiser, looking for businesses to advertise on your podcast don’t hesitate start opening up your show. Prospective podcast advertisers may be searching for podcasts like yours to advertise on. Add a page to your podcast website about advertising rates or a simple get in touch button.


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