What Are The Best Podcast Ad Formats?

Here's what to do to make podcast ads sound good!

Podcast advertising rates are booming according to recent research. If you want to be a part of this growing audio industry then make sure the ads on your show are working.

What Podcast Ad Formats Are There?

It is important to understand the different forms a podcast advert can take. If an advertiser approaches you it’s great to know the different placements and their effectiveness. Here are 4 popular podcast ad formats.

Pre-Roll Podcast Advert

These can be anywhere from 15 seconds up to 6 minutes. Poplar podcasts such as The Tim Ferriss Show and This Week In Tech use this method of advertising on their shows. This is likely as it is the most effective part of the show to place an advert – right when the listener hits play.

The downside is that it’s easy for the listener to hit the skip button while they still have their device in hand. If the message is always the same listeners can also eventually become deaf to your message.

Mid-Roll Podcast Advert

These mid-rolls are much harder to skip as the listener usually has the device in a pocket or is driving. It means you’re advert has a high chance to be heard in its entirety. Mid-roll ads can become annoying however especially as the show content is interrupted in order to play your podcast ad. Length usually follows the standard radio advert format of 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds or even 60 seconds.

Outro Podcast Advert

The least invasive as all the content and the show is complete. It’s a great spot to place a podcast advert right at the end. The only downside is that not all listeners may listen right until the end and your message will be missed.

Native Podcast Advert

A native podcast advert is when the podcast host reads your advert out loud on the show. The success of native podcast advertising really depends on how much creative freedom the host reading the ad has.

A straight forward script that must be read word for word usually sound scripted and fake to the listener. A better way is for the podcast host to have creative freedom to talk about a product or service in any way they like. The best way to allow this is to create about 5 bullet points about the advert and allow the host to read from there. If the host actually endorses the product or service on the show this has to be the most powerful way to advertise on a podcast!

How To Create Podcast Ads

Professionally produced podcast advertisements can be created to match your brand values. If you’re looking for a great podcast ad take a look at Music Radio Creative.


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