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Dan Miller NMEU

Finding Your Calling With Dan Miller

Who is Dan Miller?

Dan’s work is truly inspirational. He is helping people to find work that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable. He founded 48 Days LLC where he has a proven process to help and blend your natural skills and abilities, your unique personality traits, and your dreams and passions into a fully profitable business.

You can connect with Dan on Twitter and via his website.

Having a dream and making money

In this episode, Dan talks about how it’s okay to have a dream and make money from it. According to Dan, doing something you really love is not just being selfish but it’s releasing the very best inside of you so that you can do work that’s astounding. Doing something you really love does not mean that your income has to go down. When we do what we love, income shows up in unexpected ways.

We also talk about Dan’s purpose of helping people find the unique things they do and use those to thrive personally and financially and leave an impact in the world.

The importance of lifestyle and the sort of things that Dan does that contribute to his success. Dan also shares his thoughts on spirituality and how it gives him richer experiences.

On being intentional about expecting success in his business and personal life -Dan does not expect to be lucky, he requires himself to have a clear plan for success.

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