Day 37 of 100 New Media tools to promote our conference New Media Europe. Hi, I’m Mike Russell one of the co-founders of New Media Europe. It’s Friday and I feel like a bit of a private invite only party. Here’s the new media tool I’m going to show you today. You know, I am a fan of the shiny new thing. Anything that’s new in social media, New Media, podcasting or blogging, I love to be on it.

Share Unlisted Blabs on Snapchat

Blab the live streaming platform have introduced a really cool new feature, you can now share private blabs with your friends on Snapchat only. That’s right, in order to get into this private party, you need to break the glass baby. I thought it would be great to test out this private Blab Snapchat party with, with you watching right now. Let me show you how it’s going to work.

How to Start an Unlisted Blab

First I’m going to start a blab. These are my settings, I’m going to call it the VIP Invite Only Snapchat Party, give it three tags sticking it in the test zone because it’s only a test. It’s going to be unlisted.

Emoji Passcode to Access Your Unlisted Blab

Once you’ve started an Unlisted Blab and this only works on unlisted blabs, you get a private PIN Code, snap this code it says. This is what you need to do, to get in, you need to go to and enter that emoji PIN Code. I’m going to probably hang out here for the next hour if you want to try it out. I’m going to be testing Blab and quite rightly so as next week is the UK podcasters online conference, 36 hours nonstop on this platform, so I need to get to find out how exactly it works.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Get ready to screenshot the next snap and join me in my private invite only Snapchat Blab party. You can do this too, just go to and start your own Unlisted Blab.


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