It is the morning after the night before and also day 16 of 100 New Media tools to promote New Media Europe. Despite being a little hoarse, and that’s because I was shouting very loud during my talk last night, I’m actually feeling quite fine this morning.

Follow Up with People After Events

Today, it is all about the follow up. My team and I are going to work to get content out from last night, including photos, a Snapchat story, re-purposed into a YouTube video, bits like that so people can remember the fantastic night they had last night.

Use Social Media to Stay in Touch

Personally, I am going to be following up with some people, tweeting, getting in touch in whatever way I can. Meet Up have a really cool function. It’s a one click button to follow up with everyone you met last night at the Meetip and it is all about the follow up, especially if you’ve read Keith Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone.

In addition to the content that my team are going to put out there on social media, I’ll be following up with a few emails, also tweeting a few people as well before I get stuck into the Easter weekend.

Review Podcasts of Other Podcasters

One final great follow up to do, as everybody last night was a podcaster, I’m going to be checking out as many podcasts as I can and leaving some five star reviews.


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