Hey there. It’s day 38 of 100 new media tools to promote New Media Europe. I’m Mike Russell, one of the co-founders from the New Media Europe Conference. Today I’m going to focus on a conference that I’ll be attending in just over a month in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Pre-Event Networking Using Facebook Photo Tags

The Next Web, it is going to be huge and to build up some momentum before I attend this conference, I’m going to be tagging, tagging, tagging on Facebook today. Huge credit going to Martin Shervington who gave me the idea to do this. If you want to check out the tip, it’s tip 25 in 20 plus social media hacks and tips from the pros on socialmediaexaminer.com.

Create a Facebook Photo Collage

Oh, and if you’d like to check him out on Snapchat, get ready to screen shot the next snap from Martin’s snap code. Here’s the idea today, my team and I are going to head to the next web conference in Europe’s web page and find the speakers’ page, then we’ll start creating a lovely Photoshop collage of all of these wonderful speakers, like this. When that collage is complete and nice and tidy, I will post it to my Facebook profile with the next Web Europe Conference logo in the bottom too. No affiliate links, no links to the conference I’m organising, just purely a nice collage that helps promote their conference.

Create a Photo Collage for the Next Event You Attend!

The idea is that by creating that collage, it will create a bit of engagement, some comments, you’ll be able to tag speakers and create connections ahead of the event. That’s the idea for today. If you’re attending New Media Europe or the UK Podcasters online conference, why don’t you do the same thing for those conferences. If you enjoyed today’s story and you’re watching on Snapchat, remember to snap me back here or get me on Twitter here. I’m @imikerussell.


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