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Valerie Groth NMEU
Making the Impossible POSSIBLE with Valerie Groth

Valerie Groth currently runs a life coaching practice working with individuals who come to her from around the world. Valerie loves working with her clients on overcoming fear, gaining self-confidence, and making massive positive transformations in their life. She believes that everyone is capable of living an energized and impassioned life, and she loves to make the impossible POSSIBLE. Valerie is also a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, as well as the host of the Inspiration With Val podcast.

You may connect with Valerie through her website or you may email her – [email protected] She will also be speaking at the New Media Europe Conference this June.

Giving in to the itch to become an entrepreneur

Valerie used to work as a social worker and a therapist. Although she loved working as a therapist, it was a better fit for her to work for herself. When she was younger,  she’s always had the itch to be an entrepreneur so she started her coaching practice which she really adore because of the freedom and flexibility it provides to design her life while still working with really amazing clients.

Aside from her coaching practice, Valerie is also a speaker and a founder of a non-profit – the Ryan Banks Academy –  dedicated to building the first boarding school for inner cities in Chicago.

Overcoming skepticism

Valerie shared her experience with people’s skepticism when it comes to life coaching as a profession and how she deals with it. She talked extensively about the benefits of having a life coach and the importance of having the right one. Valerie also discussed her work as a life coach, what she does, why she thinks everyone can benefit from having a coach, and how different people can improve their lives with the help of a life coach.

We also talked about how Valerie defines her success nowadays and how she deals with her low moments. She also shared her choices when it comes to diet, nutrition, and exercise.

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