NMEU Impacts Attendees

New Media Europe isn’t just another event that comes and goes. It is an event that comes and makes a firm imprint on our attendees. We appreciate it isn’t easy to take our word for it. That’s why we have decided to publish just some of many success stories that our past event attendees send our way.

Gabby Wallace 

How have things changed since the last NMEU? Wow, lots has changed… What stands out in my mind is:

– Making Rio de Janeiro my home base (a dream of mine for a long time, achieved!)
– Realizing that my online English learning company, based on YouTube, is a 6-figure business
– Automatizing the English learning company, so that I can focus on helping entrepreneurs
– Doing a TEDx talk!
– Getting 3 (soon maybe 6) speaking requests this year to talk about using YouTube for your business

Alexia Leachman

Since NMEU I’ve shifted the focus of my business into pregnancy/birth. The podcast took on a life of its own and my download numbers were getting a bit silly that I thought I should prob shift my focus as this was clearly hitting a nerve and a place of demand. So I’ve been busy behind the scenes putting business-y things in place – sales funnels, online programme, digital products etc. I’ve a book out imminently to support it all too. I hope to crawl out from under my content creation rock soon!

Olly Barnes

I’ve been keeping up with the podcasting and enjoying spending time with my favourite bands which is so much fun. I very much enjoy the production aspect but I suppose I am a frustrated presenter at heart so podcasting provides an outlet for that. Winning the award last year was a proud moment and has certainly helped in a number of ways, mostly with gaining access to artists and being taken seriously.

David Withington

Thanks to (last year speaker) Trajan King (I took up his kind offer of a website review) I improved parts of one of my websites. Oh, and I gave it “the Ikea follow-the-trail” touch. And made the important buttons’ colours stand out. I think you can guess Trajan made a good impression. At NMEU I made a number of new friends with whom I stay in touch and share ideas via social media. And a few new podcasts have been added to my subscription list – such as Phil Pallen’s No Philter. Pete Matthew of Meaningful Money (who won a podcast of the year award) has become our financial planner – all because of us discovering him through his podcast!

Michael Metcalf

Since last year, I have been squirreling away on a book about how to be creative (for non-creative people), and my day job in marketing. In both of these I used techniques and connections from NMEU which is great!

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